Comic Central: Wolverine and the X-Men #7

This is one of the most enjoyable comics you can read. I can not recommend this comic any more than I’m doing right now.

The story thus far: Professor Xanto Starblood, an extreme zoologist, has arrived on Earth to kill Broo. He believes that Broo will cause the destruction of the universe. Kind of hard to swallow, right?

Meanwhile the rest of the students and staff are holding off the infection within Headmistress Pryde. The fighting is so amazing! Especially between Iceman and an infected Kid Gladiator.

(excuse me if my sentences come off stilted; I’m writing this close to midnight)

One of my favorite parts is Broo trying to debate for his continued existence.

In space, Quire and Wolverine are trying to escape from their enemies, but they don’t get far. Quire creates a psychic shotgun (sweet!) to hold off the security guards, but eventually the guards’ secret weapon is released.

Back at the school, the zoologist is defeated with the help of the school grounds, the ‘Bamfs,’ Kitty, and an enraged Broo (something we have yet to see).

We even get to see some jealousy when Kitty smooches Bobby. I tried to get an image, but alas, no such luck.

The art, as always, is topnotch. I recommend that you read this comic if you already aren’t. And the story is pretty good.

Anyways, this was a pretty short Comic Central; sorry for that. Next Comic Central will most likely be Ultimate Comics Spider-Man.

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