Hello world!

Yo, my name is…well, you can just call me Crimson or Emerald. I got this username from some dude I know and so I’m gonna use it for my OWN purposes, whatever that is lol. I like comics, manga, games, books, TV, and women. So I suppose I’ll be writing about that crap :P.

My first post will be about Bleach, so you’ll see that in a few minutes.

Hope we’ll get along.


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Comic Central: Hottest Women of Comics

I think sometime this week I’m going to start a series showing who I think are the hottest women in comics. I’ll do one for Marvel, DC, Image, etc. Maybe even one for anime?

What do you guys think?

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Comic Central: Apologies

Sorry I haven’t been posting much lately. My internet is slow and it became a hassle to log onto this blog to update it. But now I’m back and ready to start reviewing comics again or posting whatever I want lol. Great to be back.

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Comic Central: Wolverine and the X-Men #7

This is one of the most enjoyable comics you can read. I can not recommend this comic any more than I’m doing right now.

The story thus far: Professor Xanto Starblood, an extreme zoologist, has arrived on Earth to kill Broo. He believes that Broo will cause the destruction of the universe. Kind of hard to swallow, right?

Meanwhile the rest of the students and staff are holding off the infection within Headmistress Pryde. The fighting is so amazing! Especially between Iceman and an infected Kid Gladiator.

(excuse me if my sentences come off stilted; I’m writing this close to midnight)

One of my favorite parts is Broo trying to debate for his continued existence.

In space, Quire and Wolverine are trying to escape from their enemies, but they don’t get far. Quire creates a psychic shotgun (sweet!) to hold off the security guards, but eventually the guards’ secret weapon is released.

Back at the school, the zoologist is defeated with the help of the school grounds, the ‘Bamfs,’ Kitty, and an enraged Broo (something we have yet to see).

We even get to see some jealousy when Kitty smooches Bobby. I tried to get an image, but alas, no such luck.

The art, as always, is topnotch. I recommend that you read this comic if you already aren’t. And the story is pretty good.

Anyways, this was a pretty short Comic Central; sorry for that. Next Comic Central will most likely be Ultimate Comics Spider-Man.

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Witchblade anime vs. Witchblade comic

I want to talk about Witchblade today. There are a lot of assumptions about what goes on in the pages of today’s Witchblade comics, and I assure you it is not like the anime or the earlier issues.

Those are not real.

Above is an image of what the main character of the Witchblade anime looks like. Some assume she looks like that in the comic.

Notice the lack of cleavage. Now, she does have a big chest in the comics, but much more realistically so; not like the unrealistic ones the anime portrays her with (and with a better grip of gravity lol).

Most of the time the Witchblade doesn’t even fully form:

Only formed on the arm

Now, early in the comic it shredded her clothe badly, revealing her chest and more. This was during the 90’s, a period where people preferred T&A. Recently (2005?) it was revealed that the Witchblade was a male, explaining why it tore up her clothes back then. But now with more mastery of it, she doesn’t quite have that problem anymore.

Most of the ideas behind the book being nothing but T&A comes from the covers:

Cover =/= content

and the earlier issues:

Witchblade #61

But let me assure you, that is not the case now. Sure, there are sensual and even sexy stuff in Witchblade, but only if it supports the story, not simply for T&A sake. Though I do admit to being worried about how the new writer will handle Witchblade, seeing as how he’s written some ‘stuff.’ I’ll be getting the trade soon enough, and pass judgement then.

Go out and buy Witchblade Vol. 1-8 now! You can pass up Witchblade Origins Vol. 1-3 for now. Then get Witchblade: Redemption Vol. 1-4.

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Comic Central: X-Men Legacy #263

Just looked, and it’s been awhile since I posted anything, so let’s start off with my favorite thing: Comic Central!

In this issue, we pick up with last issue’s revelation that the adults over at Utopia did not receive Rogue’s distress call, but the kids–namely Hope‘s group (Hope, Transonic, Primal, Dust, Velocidad, Surge, Zero, and Pixie).

Obviously Wolverine is TICKED.  And in this issue, my hate (or dislike) of Hope increases. Especially with this line: “No, Rogue. Your students are kids. We’re soldiers. Now let me do my job.”

Going off-track for a few seconds, I just want to point out something I’ve been going over in my head: Hope is annoying as heck. As far as I’m concerned, after AvX, I hope the Avengers do take her away and lock her up. Especially with how she views young mutants, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

What occurs next is Hope battling Exodus. Soon Wolverine brings his plan into action: hitting him one after the other, but only after Hope and Rogue absorb some of his powers (only a fraction, which seems to be all they need). In three waves of attacks, the X-Men are able to bring him down.

Even thought they beat him, he says he’s won. Mostly because he’s proved that they needed to work together to bring him down, and that soon the X-Men would be reunited (well, after Cyclops is dead, of course). Hopefully, though, we’ll get a few great years with this schism, because honestly, I’m loving it.

At the end of the issue, Hope’s team insists that their side (Cyclop’s) was right, since Wolvy and Rogue needed to use them as soldiers. Dust ends up saying that Rogue and her side have deluded themselves into thinking that not fighting is a choice (what a bitch).

If the kids end up fighting as soldiers, they might end up like Wolverine or Magneto, but the kids seem okay with that. Which, to me, makes an even stronger point for Wolverine’s side. These kids have resigned themselves to their fate, but that’s not right. No child should fight as soldiers. You don’t see the U.S. doing something like that, right? Also, the kids are going to have some major damage done to how they live life. What happens when mutants are no longer feared and hated? How will they adjust?

Because of all that Rogue had done, Wolverine tells her he no longer trusts her. I wouldn’t either, if I were him. She went directly behind his back, basically in the hopes of seeing her boyfriend (who is an old man, which I find highly inappropriate and gross).

In the closing panels, a mutant who can sense the future (Blindfold), assures her fellow students that it is not over (implying Exodus will be back; he’s even smiling in his cage on Utopia, the exact place he wanted to be. Smooth move, Hope.).

Again I’ll point out I could do without Baldeon on art duties. I much prefer the superior cover artist, Brooks, as interior artist. Luckily we get a, possibly, fill-in artist for the next arc which revolves around Omega and Mimic.

Tomorrow I’ll be doing a post on X-Men Legacy #264, so look out for that.

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Girls I Would Love to Date

This is a list of girls (and women) I would kill to date. Right now my friend would be saying, “He’d love to date anyone!” and that might be true :p.

We’ll start off with some girls across the pond.

Mara played by Tasie Dhanraj in the show House of Anubis.

I don’t what it is about British girls, but I love their accent. Next is another girl from House of Anubis.

Joy played by Klariza Clayton.

I’ll say this so you won’t have to to. There tends to be trend with the girls I like, and that is they’re mostly on TV.

Yeah...I know it's a weird choice. Sue me.
God, she was hot in 'Man on a Ledge.'

Genesis Rodriguez

And lastly…

Demi Rose Mawby, one of the hottest girls I've ever seen!

One picture doesn’t capture her beauty, so here’s one more:

Holy cleavage, Batman!

And those are all the girls I’d date. I might just have a regular Demi category…

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Reeder off Batwoman?

According to Newsarama, Reeder will be replaced (temporarily) by Trevor McCarthy for three issues. When I first learned of this, I thought she was leaving the title, especially when you read her Facebook comment:

You found out about it pretty much as soon as it went final, too. It’s definitely regrettable…some real creative differences were going on, to the point that it became untenable.

That makes it seem like she and the others on Batwoman were pissed at each other, so she was leaving or something like that.

Here is the link. It seems DC is making tons of creative changes. And it’s very discouraging. I get that emergencies happen and some artists might have to leave, but so many artists being replaced? That is not a coincidence. Deathstroke, while not a title I’m interested in, is getting Liefield, a terrible artist in my opinion. I don’t hate the man, per se, but I don’t like him.

So with all these new artists coming onto books, it makes me lose faith in a move (namely the reboot or The New 52) that I was all for. I just hope nothing else happens that could make the naysayers believe they were in the right.

Here is some art by Trevor McCarthy.

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