Witchblade anime vs. Witchblade comic

I want to talk about Witchblade today. There are a lot of assumptions about what goes on in the pages of today’s Witchblade comics, and I assure you it is not like the anime or the earlier issues.

Those are not real.

Above is an image of what the main character of the Witchblade anime looks like. Some assume she looks like that in the comic.

Notice the lack of cleavage. Now, she does have a big chest in the comics, but much more realistically so; not like the unrealistic ones the anime portrays her with (and with a better grip of gravity lol).

Most of the time the Witchblade doesn’t even fully form:

Only formed on the arm

Now, early in the comic it shredded her clothe badly, revealing her chest and more. This was during the 90’s, a period where people preferred T&A. Recently (2005?) it was revealed that the Witchblade was a male, explaining why it tore up her clothes back then. But now with more mastery of it, she doesn’t quite have that problem anymore.

Most of the ideas behind the book being nothing but T&A comes from the covers:

Cover =/= content

and the earlier issues:

Witchblade #61

But let me assure you, that is not the case now. Sure, there are sensual and even sexy stuff in Witchblade, but only if it supports the story, not simply for T&A sake. Though I do admit to being worried about how the new writer will handle Witchblade, seeing as how he’s written some ‘stuff.’ I’ll be getting the trade soon enough, and pass judgement then.

Go out and buy Witchblade Vol. 1-8 now! You can pass up Witchblade Origins Vol. 1-3 for now. Then get Witchblade: Redemption Vol. 1-4.

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