Girls I Would Love to Date

This is a list of girls (and women) I would kill to date. Right now my friend would be saying, “He’d love to date anyone!” and that might be true :p.

We’ll start off with some girls across the pond.

Mara played by Tasie Dhanraj in the show House of Anubis.

I don’t what it is about British girls, but I love their accent. Next is another girl from House of Anubis.

Joy played by Klariza Clayton.

I’ll say this so you won’t have to to. There tends to be trend with the girls I like, and that is they’re mostly on TV.

Yeah...I know it's a weird choice. Sue me.
God, she was hot in 'Man on a Ledge.'

Genesis Rodriguez

And lastly…

Demi Rose Mawby, one of the hottest girls I've ever seen!

One picture doesn’t capture her beauty, so here’s one more:

Holy cleavage, Batman!

And those are all the girls I’d date. I might just have a regular Demi category…

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2 Responses to Girls I Would Love to Date

  1. Dan Shaw says:

    You clearly have a thing for eyes. As do I

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