Reeder off Batwoman?

According to Newsarama, Reeder will be replaced (temporarily) by Trevor McCarthy for three issues. When I first learned of this, I thought she was leaving the title, especially when you read her Facebook comment:

You found out about it pretty much as soon as it went final, too. It’s definitely regrettable…some real creative differences were going on, to the point that it became untenable.

That makes it seem like she and the others on Batwoman were pissed at each other, so she was leaving or something like that.

Here is the link. It seems DC is making tons of creative changes. And it’s very discouraging. I get that emergencies happen and some artists might have to leave, but so many artists being replaced? That is not a coincidence. Deathstroke, while not a title I’m interested in, is getting Liefield, a terrible artist in my opinion. I don’t hate the man, per se, but I don’t like him.

So with all these new artists coming onto books, it makes me lose faith in a move (namely the reboot or The New 52) that I was all for. I just hope nothing else happens that could make the naysayers believe they were in the right.

Here is some art by Trevor McCarthy.

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