Monsuno: Pokemon, Digimon, and Beyblade on Steroids

Do you remember watching Pokemon, Digimon, or Beyblade as a kid? There was just something about watching kids our age going on adventures, not having to listen to the adults. In Pokemon, when you turned 10, you got your first Pokemon and set out to battle various gym leaders for badges in an attempt to battle the Elite Four. With Digimon, kids gained Digivices and got their own Digital Monster. The kids faced danger at every corner, but had fun saving the Digital World, and sometimes the real world. Beyblade was something unique at the time: kids entering competitions using Beys that were imbued with power. Much more than Pokemon, it allowed us kids to watch others like us fighting the good fight with nothing more than a ripcord and your Bey.

Get ready to emerge yourself again…with the latest anime, Monsuno. The show revolves around Chase Suno and his two friends. Chase is searching for his father Jeredy who has gone missing. Along the way he discovers that S.T.O.R.M. is also looking for his father and his research involving Monsunos. In a display of balls, Chase defies these ‘government’ agents, grabs his father’s core (cylinder regeneration chamber capsules that contain the hybrid monsters), and battles his way to freedom.

*Monsunos are giant high-tech and/or armored hybrid monsters of one or more animal species.

Naming the monsuno within the core, Lock (after a poem his dad used to quote), Chase leads his friends, Bren and Jinja out of the complex and away from the pursuing S.T.O.R.M. troops. From there they go looking for more info on Chase’s father, running into another Monsuno which Bren tames, and escaping from a bomb.

The visuals are exceptionally crisp and reminds you of what Pokemon would be like if it were more mature. When Chase flips the core, it reminds me of Beyblade where the Bladers would send out their Beys, but unlike that show, the cores themselves do not fight–they hit each other, releasing the Monsuno’s inside to fight, where the show takes on a Pokemon-esque feel (i.e. the combatants commanding their Monsunos to fight). Another similarity to Pokemon is that the Cores, when housing their respective Monsunos, regenerate their health.

However, this show is much more than Pokemon, Digimon, or Beyblade. I can not recommend this show any more than I am doing now. It runs on Nick Toons, not to be confused with Nickelodeon.

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