Comic Central: Adventure Time #1

Hey guys. Last time I looked at X-Men Legacy. Today I will be discussing Adventure Time #1.

There MAY be spoilers.

By now you should have heard of Adventure Time, an extremely popular TV show on Cartoon Network. And if you haven’t…well, shame on you! Get off your butt and go watch it! The show revolves around Finn, the last human, and Jake, his magical transforming dog. They go on surreal adventures getting into all kinds of messes, whether it be with the princess-kidnapping Ice King, or Marceline the Vampire Queen, or Princess Bubblegum, the girl Finn lurves.

Premise concluded! Now let’s get to the issue at hand, shall we?

The story opens with the Lich escaping from the super dangerous Bag of Holding. His mission: to destroy the world by sucking things into the Bag of Holding. Of course our heroes are going to kick his butt. It won’t do it itself.

I’m amazed at how the art looks so much like the show’s. It was almost like they plastered storyboards into the comic and colored them. And the story is just as surreal and fantastical as the show. Finn and Jake end up donning anti-mind-control jewelry, in which Jake responds, “I kinda like wearing jewelery too sometimes.” Finn replies, “We can talk about that later…”

That is what I love about the show (and comic, now). You don’t have to look long before there’s some kind of adult joke. But there’s something for the kids watching, too. Which makes this an almost perfect show, destined to go down as a classic, such as Powerpuff Girls.

Just today I heard my friends speaking negatively about the show, quoting the adult content. Well, that’s what makes the show amazing! It has the best of both worlds. (I won’t even talk about when my friends said Cartoon Network sucks; they obviously think cartoons are for kids, and aren’t secure in what they like).

*cough* Okay, back on topic. One of my favorite moments is when Finn dons Jake like armor…yes, I’m being serious. The look on Finn’s face as he screams, “Jake Suuuuuuuuuuit!” is so priceless, I doubt you could auction it off to Bill Gates. Let me see if I can get an image of that.

Pretty mathematical, right? From there, they beat up Lich, only for him to get the upper hand, sucking them into the bag. They meet the Desert Princess (because of her skills with sand lol) who warns them that they are stuck there FOREVER!

We then move to the Ice Kingdom where Ice King is busy writing his fan-fiction, Fionna and Cake meet Finn and Jake. The Lich sucks Gunter (Ice King’s penguin) into the bag along with his fan-fiction, Ice King yelling, “Gunter…my fan-fiction! THOSE ARE MY TWO PERSONAL PROJECTS!” only for him to realize he knows Lich.

And that’s where we end, my friends. This was a perfect start to the comic adaptation of my favorite show, Adventure Time. The art matched the show splendidly, and all the jokes and weirdness came along for the ride. I look forward to seeing all Jake and Finn defeat Lich and return the Candy Kingdom to normal (along with seeing more of Fionna and Cake! Oh, and the Fire Princess, man was she hot lol).

Guess I ran out of room, so I’ll look at Ultimate Comics Spider-Man tomorrow.  Strangely the editor didn’t throw me some wikipedia links or preset tag, or even suggested images. Must be a glitch.

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